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We believe that the best way to learn is peer-to-peer learning. Collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills are just a few of the fundamental skills you will gain.


There are no classes or specific lesson time. Complete the projects that will bring you different skills and enjoy learning by applying them.



It starts from scratch for every student. You can apply to 42 even if you have never coded in your life. Though ambitious, the training course allows anyone who takes it to find a job and a career in IT.


We believe that you should not have to pay for sustainable professional integration. At 42, there are no hidden application, registration or hardware fees before, during or at the end of the training course.


Founded in Paris in 2013, today 42 has more than 10.000 students in over 20 countries, and is recognized as one of the best coding schools worldwide. Learning at 42 is entirely free of charge, and it doesn’t require any academic degree or coding experience.

The school’s practical approach based on peer-to-peer collaboration, guarantees both excellent technical training and the development of valuable soft skills, such as the ability to work in teams, problem-solving, adaptation, determination, and resilience. Anyone aged 18 and over who wants to be a software developer, will gain real business world skills while training coding and programming.

No prerequisites, no pre-education or diplomas needed. No teacher, no class, no tuition fee. Being a developer in poject based peer to peer learning model, is up to you.


42 Istanbul is transforming our developer potential into international competitiveness. 42 Istanbul is a new generation free coding school having capacity of 400 stations. 42 Istanbul is aiming to provide top class education that will fill the gap of qualified software developers in digital transformation of manufacturing, finance and communication sectors and technology development at mobility, AI and 5G. Thousands of developers that will create and shape the future of advanced technologies will be trained in 42 Istanbul.


Learn All About 42

What is 42?
42 is a coding school, recognized as one of the best in the world, with an innovative and disruptive educational model, based on a peer-to-peer, project-based, and gamified learning system. Founded in Paris in 2013, 42 is present in more than 30 cities worldwide, offering anyone over 18 years old the opportunity to learn to program for free. Despite having many students who joined 42 without any prior code experience, the school’s employability rate is 100%.
What does peer-to-peer mean?
Peer-to-peer is a model based on learning between students instead of a student-teacher relationship. At 42 Istanbul, students teach, learn, and evaluate each other. This method develops critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills.
What characterises a gamified program?
At 42, the progression in the program happens by obtaining points, as if it were a game. With these points, you level up and unlock new projects and learning paths. Your level defines how far you have progressed through the program, so the more points you earn, the further you get. After level 9, you enroll in your first internship, and after level 20, you join the final internship before completing the teaching program with the level 21 project.
How can there be no teachers?
42’s program is based on peer-to-peer learning, so all students work together, teach, and learn from each other. Thus, at 42 Istanbul, you’ll be a teacher and a student at the same time. You can also count on a pedagogical team that helps you guide your curriculum and ensures the school’s running smoothly.
Who evaluates my projects?
Your projects are evaluated by other students based on correction criteria pre-defined by the 42 pedagogical team before evaluate by the system. You must evaluate your colleagues’ projects yourself, so you will have to save some time to do so.
How is the program structured?
The 42 Istanbul program is divided into 4 stages: Introduction – Learn the fundamentals of programming by developing the first projects. You can take a couple of months or more than a year. On average, students take 8 months. First Internship – Begin to apply the knowledge acquired in the real world with an internship lasting between 4 to 6 months. Master – Explore and deepen your knowledge in more specialized projects and with larger teams. The average duration is approximately 1 and a half years, but yet again, you are the one who defines your time scale. Final Internship – Minimum 6 months.
What am I going to learn at 42?
You start by learning the fundamental programming concepts and the foundations of the C language. As you evolve, you will begin to venture into UNIX, graphic programming, and web programming. After that, the curriculum includes projects with more in-depth knowledge in several areas: Object-oriented Programming, Mobile, Functional Programming, Web Security, Reverse Engineering, Malicious Code, Kernel Programming, Network Programming, Artificial Intelligence, 3D among others. Each student’s experience is unique, as you are free to choose between numerous projects and different paths according to your interests.
What are the foreign student's education process? Are there any quotas?
Foreign student applications on our campus are limited to the quot


42 Istanbul is one of the schools of Türkiye Open Source Platform which targets to accelerate software development in Türkiye.




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