What is 42?
42 is a coding school, recognized as one of the best in the world, with an innovative and disruptive educational model, based on a peer-to-peer, project-based, and gamified learning system. Founded in Paris in 2013, 42 is present in more than 30 cities worldwide, offering anyone over 18 years old the opportunity to learn to program for free. Despite having many students who joined 42 without any prior code experience, the school’s employability rate is 100%.
What does peer-to-peer mean?
Peer-to-peer is a model based on learning between students instead of a student-teacher relationship. At 42 Istanbul, students teach, learn, and evaluate each other. This method develops critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills.
What characterises a gamified program?
At 42, the progression in the program happens by obtaining points, as if it were a game. With these points, you level up and unlock new projects and learning paths. Your level defines how far you have progressed through the program, so the more points you earn, the further you get. After level 9, you enroll in your first internship, and after level 20, you join the final internship before completing the teaching program with the level 21 project.
How can there be no teachers?
42’s program is based on peer-to-peer learning, so all students work together, teach, and learn from each other. Thus, at 42 Istanbul, you’ll be a teacher and a student at the same time. You can also count on a pedagogical team that helps you guide your curriculum and ensures the school’s running smoothly.
Who evaluates my projects?
Your projects are evaluated by other students based on correction criteria pre-defined by the 42 pedagogical team before evaluate by the system. You must evaluate your colleagues’ projects yourself, so you will have to save some time to do so.
How is the program structured?
The 42 Istanbul program is divided into 4 stages: Introduction – Learn the fundamentals of programming by developing the first projects. You can take a couple of months or more than a year. On average, students take 8 months. First Internship – Begin to apply the knowledge acquired in the real world with an internship lasting between 4 to 6 months. Master – Explore and deepen your knowledge in more specialized projects and with larger teams. The average duration is approximately 1 and a half years, but yet again, you are the one who defines your time scale. Final Internship – Minimum 6 months.
What am I going to learn at 42?
You start by learning the fundamental programming concepts and the foundations of the C language. As you evolve, you will begin to venture into UNIX, graphic programming, and web programming. After that, the curriculum includes projects with more in-depth knowledge in several areas: Object-oriented Programming, Mobile, Functional Programming, Web Security, Reverse Engineering, Malicious Code, Kernel Programming, Network Programming, Artificial Intelligence, 3D among others. Each student’s experience is unique, as you are free to choose between numerous projects and different paths according to your interests.
How long does it take to complete the program?
At 42, each student has the freedom – and responsibility – to learn at their own pace, so there is no set period to complete your studies. On average, students at 42 take 3,5 years to complete the program. Some do it in less than 2 years, while others finish it in more than 5. All of these cases are successful: the goal is to learn, not to win a race.
Can I take a break from the program and come back later?
Although not recommended, you can freeze your route at any time. 42 Istanbul requires a lot of time and dedication, but sometimes unforeseen events come up and causing you to take a break. In these cases, it is best to talk to the 42 team and freeze the program so you can resume it as soon as possible.
After completing the registration process, I did not receive the confirmation mail, what should I do?
From the links at the bottom of the login screen, click "Didn't receive confirmation instructions?" We will resend the confirmation instructions.
I made a mistake while filling in my personal information, how can I change it?
Click on your e-mail address in the upper right corner of your panel. In that tab, select the option "I have a problem". Then click on "Create a problem" on the page that opens. You can send the information you want to change to our team via this form.
I encounter some issues viewing the games, what should I do?
As we mentioned in the exam statements, we do not recommend entering the games on mobile or tablet. You must be logged in from a computer with JavaScript installed. You can also try again using a different browser. If your problem persists, please let us know from your control panel.
I cannot pass a level in the game, what should I do?
Online tests are one of the qualifying stages of our school. Those who successfully pass both games can proceed to the next step. All of our questions are proven within the educational model and can be answered. Try to answer as many questions as possible within the requested time. Then wait for an e-mail from us for your results.
I have completed all the games. When will the results be notified?
Your test results will be notified via e-mail within 48 hours.
I have completed the games, 48 hours have passed but the results are still not notified, what can I do?
When you log in to your profile, you can send your message to our team with the "report a problem" option. We will review it as soon as possible and ensure that your result is notified via e-mail.
I have successfully passed the game stage, there is no suitable meeting date in the invitation mail sent for check-in. What can I do?
New check-ins will be arranged within the quotas. You can be included in the waiting list and choose the new quotas in a short time.
Will the check-in be held face to face?
Candidates who have successfully completed the test stage and qualified to attend the check-in will be notified via e-mail. The check-in, which will be held in different groups within the quotas, will take place online. The check-in link will be sent to your e-mail address.
Where will the pool training be held?
All of our training that will be initiated at our 42 Istanbul campus will be carried out face to face. Piscine training will also be done face to face and will require physical participation.
How does the process continue in piscine training?
There are two online tests and a 4-week piscine training stage that you must pass before starting the main education curriculum of our school. Piscine training is a stage where you can decide if you are suitable for 42 training models. If you successfully complete the 4-week process and are willing to do more, you will be eligible to attend our school's main education.
Is there an accommodation opportunity on campus during face-to-face education?
Currently, there are no accommodation opportunities on our 42 Istanbul campuses. However, we continue to work in line with the demands.
When we complete the program, will we get any certification?
When you successfully complete the 42 Istanbul program, you will be entitled to receive an internationally recognized certificate.
I passed the online test but unhappy with my score. Can I create a new account and re-take the test?
No. If there is more than one active account belonging to a user in the system, all applications of the relevant user will be deemed invalid.
What are the foreign student's education process? Are there any quotas?
Foreign student applications on our campus are limited to the quot